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About US

Tong Chun Development Sdn. Bhd. started its business in the early 1970s when it began to transform from a construction company to become one of the leading housing and property developer in the country. We has worked hand in hand with the government authorities to capitalize on the rapid development in the country as well as carve a name in the construction sector. Besides being engaged in joint ventures with the government, we have also undertaken several projects to further consolidate our businesses.

Hence, over the years, Tong Chun has undertaken more than 200 development projects which include houses and commercial buildings. All these were built to the specifications and standards laid down by the government and our clients. At Tong Chun, quality, affordability and efficiency are the three elements that has become our hallmark. Rest assured the houses we have undertaken are built to our clients' great satisfaction. Tong Chun is always keeping pace with changing times, grasping the latest technology to streamline our workflow as well as further elevate our efficiency and product quality. In doing so, we have earned our reputation of being a company that can deliver quality houses on time. Attaching great importance to higher standards.